How to grow your client base through LinkedIn

Social media presence is important for any business. For mortgage brokers, LinkedIn is especially helpful, as it offers a variety of features that help grow your client base.

So, how can you use LinkedIn to generate leads? Start by releasing regular, high-quality content. Use your connections and referrals. And don’t forget about the Sales Navigator function.

Content is key
Posting content is easy, but are you posting the correct content? The key to growing your audience relevant and well-researched content. Regularly post content that’s relevant and well-researched gives you a greater chance of turning followers into clients.

Key content suggestions:

Real estate news
This could be anything from auction clearance rates to big purchases. Posting news stories about real estate shows your audience you are constantly monitoring sales.

Property finance
Post about rising interest rates or the overall housing market. Again, doing so will show your client base that you know what’s going on in your sector.

Professional achievements and announcements
Your more personal section could be recognition you’ve received, a ‘day in the life’ kind of profile on yourself or advice for staying focused at work.

Posting on these topics gives your audience a variety of things to read and shows that your business has a wide range of industry awareness.

LinkedIn is an effective platform for connecting with other professionals in the mortgage broker business. But are you engaging with your network as much as you could be?

The platform has a ‘Group’ function where you can connect with people from your school or with similar interests. Join a mortgage broker group to chat with others in your field.

And don’t forget to complete your business profile. LinkedIn research suggests that people with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to have someone reach out to them. A complete profile means you have filled out 100 per cent of the fields in great detail. This gives your network a well-rounded look at who you are.

Sales Navigator function
Sales Navigator is a useful tool for mortgage brokers. Through this function, you can search for leads and receive automated updates when a new lead matches the criteria you’ve set up.

You can also use the Social Selling Index (SSI) feature for your business. The SSI measures your success at establishing your brand, connecting with other professionals and engaging your client base with insights.

The SSI is also a crucial tool to view competitive comparisons and your own rankings in the broker industry.

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