Your 2019 business strategy

Before you’re overwhelmed by holiday activities and travelling this season, take a moment to start thinking about your business strategy for 2019. As the year ends, look back on your wins and successes throughout 2018. What needs work? What actions have brought you the most success?

Consider taking these important steps when planning for another great year. And remember that our new broker services from Finsure can help you along the way.

Analyse and update your cash flow plan

Look back at each month in 2018 to see how you managed cash flow. Record which months were tight and which were pretty great. Think about the vendors you use, if any, and see if you can cut costs anywhere in that realm for the new year.

Up your online presence

Make sure your website reflects your vision in 2019. Maybe you created a simple website last year as a start-off point, but it could use some work. Prioritise a new design or a new mission statement in the new year.

Many potential leads will be viewing your content on their smart phones, so focus on creating a mobile-friendly website next year too.

And make sure you connect your website with social media channels and an email newsletter. These outlets are great for making meaningful connections with your potential loan clients, so use every content marketing outlet to your advantage.

Finsure & LoanKit offers several website packages so you can choose your price point based on your specific needs. We help you customise your brand and make sure your setup is functional and responsive.

Join Finsure

If you haven’t already, join Finsure in 2019. There are endless benefits to aggregators, including constant support, administrative assistance, fraud prevention services, networking opportunities, educational resources and more.

The team at Finsure & LoanKit help our brokers manage all necessary tasks between loans, like loan processing and business management, as well as lead generation and client management tasks.

Contact our team to learn more about the Finsure difference.

If you'd like to know more email us -, or call 1300 346 787
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