How Wikibroker is helping Finsure & LoanKit brokers stay ahead of the competition

Brokers are constantly inundated with change.

To keep Finsure & LoanKit brokers ahead of the game, we have partnered with Wikibroker to offer brokers the latest technology. Wikibroker provides many benefits to individuals and brokerage groups, helping them better manage daunting tasks that comprise their daily life.

Wikibroker services: an overview

Search feature
One of the best features Wikibroker offers is the search function. Brokers can discover thousands of credit policies instantly using this tool, searching Wikibroker’s more than 30 lender partners.

This online tool allows brokers to find results right away, saving time and money. Plus, it’s an easy way to stay up to date with any credit policy changes.

Users can keep all necessary lender documents in one place with Wikibroker, so they’re easily accessible and can be referenced any time.

Quick qualifier tool
The quick qualifier tool allows brokers to instantly discover whether or not a client will qualify for a policy.

Wikibroker provides several online calculators that help brokers figure out stamp duty and lenders mortgage insurance numbers right away.

Mobile friendly
Many brokers love Wikibroker because it’s accessible on all platforms. All important information and the easy policy search feature can be accessed from anywhere.

Wikibroker was created in response to ever-changing technologies that impact the housing market and brokerages across the nation. While introductions like FinTech have changed the way financial professionals do business, these technologies will never take away the need for a human interaction.

Modern brokers would be wise to incorporate these technologies into their business plan, rather than try to compete with them. Using the tools from Wikibroker, brokers can be more deliberate in how they run their business.

When you’re ready to have these tools at your fingertips, talk to us about joining our network of mortgage brokers.

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