Digital strategies that boost business

You already know that lead generation is important for your business. But are you approaching it the right way? With all the online avenues available to us, there are endless digital strategies that can boost your business.

Here are some simple ways to get started.

Focus on clients

Cater your message to your clients. Instead of filling your social media accounts with everything about you and your success, post things of interest to your clients.

For example, post news that pertains to changes in the industry, or blogs written specifically for potential home buyers.

This doesn’t mean you can’t share your own news, just make sure it’s not the sole focus of your outlets.

Write juicy headlines

Avoid treating your news or blog posts like newspaper headlines such as: “RBA Warns of an Interest Rate Increase”. Create a headline that your audience will be intrigued to open, for example “Everything You Need to Know about the RBA Rate Hikes.”

You’ll get much more traffic if you can pull in readers right away.

Try these tactics:

  • How-tos: ‘How to save an extra thousand this year.’
  • Listicles: ‘7 ways to save an extra $1,000 this year.’
  • Questions: ‘Are you tired of overspending?’

Don’t make it about deals right away

Customers want to know the value of your services before they consider using you. Engage them with genuine discussion or questions first. This helps you build both trust and interest. If you can successfully convince a lead that you offer something unique, then you can start talking deals.

A good example of this strategy is including an opt-in button on your website that allows leads to subscribe to your newsletter for free. You aren’t asking them for business, just trying to engage.

Once they see how well you know the industry and what you can offer them, they’ll be more likely to move forward.

Be smart about social media

Finally, let’s talk about tips for social media, one of the most important digital tools for your business.

  1. Pay attention to what your audience cares about

Join groups or look at events in your industry. Pay attention to what your audience posts on their own pages. Comment and share relevant posts.

  1. Try using video ads

Facebook has effective ad targeting capabilities for businesses, but take it a step further by creating short video ads.

  1. Be accessible and consistent

Building your social media presence should be a regular activity. Make it a priority to post or share something each day, and make it clear how your audience can reach you.

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